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IceWarp Mobile

TeamChat, Conferences and Notes functionality on the mobile. Follow up on your discussions in TeamChat rooms with streamlined threads, file sharing and notifications for followed topics. Attend, host or schedule meetings in Conferences on the go, including recording and screen sharing. Jot down your ideas in Notes and share them right away.

Last updated: 29.4.2024 (5.0.9)
IceWarp mobile apps


Stay up to date on ongoing projects, share all relevant documents and work with anyone who can make a contribution. ChatGPT integration is always there to help you make yourself clear.

IceWarp TeamChat


Create project rooms to keep
track of tasks, discuss issues
and collaborate as a team.


All responses are added
to a thread, so you can easily
keep track of newly
added comments.

Invite your guests

You’re free to invite external
collaborators to any room.
They can use all the
available features.

Works across your devices

TeamChat works on
all mobile devices as
part of IceWarp app.


TeamChat Mobile is a companion app to TeamChat, so you can continue to share files, comment in team discussions or mention coworkers from your phone.

IceWarp TeamChat

1000 conference attendees

Invite up to 1000 people to
your event. IceWarp suits
the needs of large teams
and webinars.


Every conference can be
recorded for playback later.
The recordings are available
for 30 days.

Screen sharing

Show all the attendees
whatever is on your screen.

Across your devices

Conferences works on all mobile
devices as part of IceWarp app.



The IceWarp mobile app now includes a new Notes experience enabling you to easily jot down your thoughts on the go, share them and follow up later on any device you use for productivity.

IceWarp TeamChat

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